Feature set
Available features for ladder and league tournaments
  Ladder League
Unlimited size    
Unlimited duration    
Responsive view for mobile devices    
Automatic readjusting of players' position after a match played    
Automatic relegation and promotion of players between league rounds N/A  
Configurable range of players within challenge   N/A
Detailed or overall match result    
Edit results entered in error    
Entering results by replying to challenge notification email   N/A
Optional result validation with English or PAR scoring system    
Automatic expiration of challenge and forfeit of the match   N/A
Automatic end of league round N/A  
Optional manual end of league round N/A  
'Position' view of all previous league rounds N/A  
Win/loss statistics    
Email notifications
     Invitation to tournament    
     Issue challenge   N/A
     Accept challenge   N/A
     Cancel challenge   N/A
     reminder 3 days before challange expires   N/A
     reminder 3 days days before round ends N/A  
     Round start N/A  
     Round end N/A  
     Result entered    
     Director's message to all of tournament players    
     Delete competition    
Invite players (incl. to a 'live' league round)    
Remove players (incl. from a 'live' league round)    
Bulk import players    
Export tournament to a text file    
Delete tournament    
Embed tournament in external website    
ELO ratings    
Print friendly view